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Rio Concho West Lease Rates

House Prices

      Sq. Ft. Starting Price 
Small Bluebonnet Plan #1170 1218 $109,670
Medium Bobwhite Plan #1470 1420 $142,275
Large Mockingbird Plan #1670 1736 $172,810
Townhouse Chaparral Plan #1672 1759 $192,360
  Chaparral Plan #2070 2100 $207,790
  Chaparral Plan #2072 2159 $214,610

 (Price may vary according to square footage)

Cost Fee

Cost fee is the amount of money paid for the original lease plus the cost of additional square footage added to the basic floor plan selected. The cost fee does not include the entrance fee, extras, or amenities you may add.


Because the homes are paid for upfront, the financial security of your community is further ensured.  Financing is not available through Rio Concho, Inc.; however, upon approval, it may be obtained from a financial institution.

The Life-Time Agreement

A Life-Time agreement is a contract between a resident and Rio Concho Inc., that may last a day or a lifetime, depending upon the discretion of the resident. The Life-Time Agreement enables the resident to enjoy the home without the everyday work and worry of home ownership. Rio Concho, as the property owner of Rio Concho West, is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the property.

The 90-10 Agreement

The agreement used by Rio Concho, Inc., is called a 90-10 agreement. This agreement is based on an annual depreciation of 2% a year for the first five years of occupancy. At the end of the fifth year of occupancy, the agreement stabilizes at 10% depreciation and allows for at least 90% of the original cost fee to be returned to the resident and no more than the 10% of the original cost fee to be retained by Rio Concho. The purpose of this program is to keep the price of the homes consistent and to make the homes easier to market in the future. If the market increase above the original cost fee, the appreciated amount is divided so that the resident receives half of the appreciation and Rio Concho receives the other half.

Resident Fees

Residents of Rio Concho West pay for their electricity, gas, phone service, internet, personal property insurance, annual taxes on the home, and a monthly operations/maintenance fee of $395 - $483 (based on the square footage of the home). The monthly service fee is as follows: 
                                                  Square Feet                   Monthly Fee
                                                    1185-1400                             $423
                                                    1401-1700                             $442
                                                    1701-2008                             $468
                                                    2009-2199                             $487
                                                    2200-2399                             $501
                                                    2400-2600                             $517
Monthly fee includes:
  • Total maintenance on homes, grounds, and recreation building
  • Water, sewer, and trash
  • Cable television service
  • Pest Control Service
  • Homeowners insurance(excludes personal contents/personal liability)
  • Security patrol
  • Utilities and taxes on all common areas
  • Street lighting
  • Clubhouse activities